Where's Zombie?

PG Calc's Where's Zombie? Photo Contest

PG Calc is asking our customers and friends this question -

Where is the PG Calc zombie?  

We are running a contest for all PG Calc customers and friends, and you can participate! All you have to do is visit us at one of our upcoming conferences, or attend PG Calc training, and pick up your PG Calc zombie. Then, bring the PG Calc zombie with you to some interesting and exotic location and take a picture.  

You can then submit your zombie photo to enter the contest. The contestant with the most interesting, unusual, and engaging zombie photo will win our grand prize!  

So, don't wait.  Get your PG Calc zombie and start your Hunt for Brains!

Where's Zombie? Contest Rules

  1. Time period: From May 18th until Labor Day.  We will send reminders throughout the summer.
  2. What you have to do to enter: Send a photo of the zombie doing something interesting, being in an exotic location, or just having fun.  Send your photos to info@pgcalc.com or tweet @PGCalc #huntingforpgcalcbrains.
  3. What we are doing with the zombies?:  Photos submitted will be displayed prominently on this page, along with a caption describing what the zombies are doing where the photo was taken.  If you're willing, we will also name you (the photographer) and your organization.
  4. Judging: Entries will be judged on their creativity.
  5. What you can win: A free year of Planned Giving Manager (PGM) service for your organization (a $695 value). If you're using our Marketing Services and are already getting free PGM, we'll take another $695 off your Marketing Services fee!


Here are our entries to date:


Photographer: Tina Yelle
San Diego, CA
Organization: University of San Diego
Custom PG Calc training. Student brains - Yum!
Photographer: Anonymous
Baltimore, MD
Zombies, Boh's and Bugs.
Photographer: Anonymous
University of Delaware
Fear the bird! Go blue hens!
Photographer: Anonymous
Gettysburg College
Iconic Glatfelter Hall - Go Bullets!
Photographer: Craig Bardell
New Orleans, LA
Organization: Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Zombies on the loose in New Orleans.
Photographer: Craig Bardell
New Orleans, LA
Organization: Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Found the brains!
Photographer: Ramona Arnold
Berkeley, CA
Organization: UC Berkeley Office of Gift Planning
Welcoming Party @ Cal

Photographer: Martina Marek
Cambridge, MA
Organization: PG Calc

Hi-ho, Zombie, away!
Photographer: Hanna Navarro
Organization: EARTHJUSTICE
Ahhhhh! Dog brain!
Photographer: Cynthia Estrada
Organization: Caltech
Location: 2017 Western Regional Planned Giving Conference
To boldly go where no zombie has gone before!
Photographer: Ron Brown
Location: On the galley proof of Ron's new book
Lots of brain power is documented in new history of charitable gift planning!
Photographer: Anonymous
Location: Kitchen Spice Rack
Goes with everything
Photographer: Gary Pforzheimer
Organization: PG Calc
Location: Machu Picchu, Peru?
Photographer: Dave Wolfe
Organization: PG Calc
Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Zombie rugby
Photographer: Andrew Palmer
Organization: PG Calc
Location: San Francisco
Hunting for brains at the Golden Gate Bridge
Photographer: Anonymous
King Kong zombie
Photographer: Gary Pforzheimer
Organization: PG Calc
Location: Inside a glass vase by Dale Chihuly (blown by Lino Tagliopietra)



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Enter our Where's Zombie contest and you could win a free year of Planned Giving Manager service - a $695 value!

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