Find Best Gift

A web tool that guides donors to the ideal gift.

When a new donor comes to your site and does not know anything about planned giving, this interactive tool will recommend to them content based on a quick Q&A that should be of interest to them.

Let Your Donors Recommend Their Own Path

A successful planned giving website extends the brand and credibility of your mission to your giving pages. The look and feel is just as important as the ease in which visitors can find the information they seek. Find Best Gift is an interactive quiz that will let visitors to your website find the planned giving information they are looking for in seconds.


Full Integration

Find Best Gift is fully integrated with your website. We will style the online quiz based on your branding and style guide. The answers are based on your gift acceptance policy, and this tool will only recommend gifts and assets that you choose. This includes the destination pages that are recommended for more information.


Increase Engagement

With Find Best Gift, potential donors will find gift types and asset choices that they may never have known about prior to running the quiz. It helps donors educate themselves on all the planned gifts your institution will accept. Find Best Gift will point donors to more in-depth pages of your website that are of interest to them.

  Find Best Gift Features

  • Interactive Quiz
  • Web-Based
  • Full Website Integration
  • Based on Acceptance Policy
  • Donor Driven



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What It's Like to Work With Us

We work with you to implement Find Best Gift on your website and ensure that it's placed in the best possible position to drive engagement with your audience. 




To get started, we will need you to confirm the gift vehicles and assets that you accept as a part of your gift acceptance policy. This determines the available recommendations that are triggered via your customized Find Best Gift tool.


We set up your account with your branding and customization. With a PG Calc website, the web tool is added automatically to your site. Otherwise, we will provide you with the custom embed code, and instructions, to easily add it to your existing website. It’s a hassle-free experience.

Everything points to your web pages

Find Best Gift is the tool to help donors find their way to the pages that can provide them with the details of gifts even when they don't know the names of those vehicles.



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