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The Client Services team can help you with:

  • How to use the software to illustrate a variety of planned gifts.
  • How to customize your software to fit your organization’s branding.
  • Gift planning concepts and understanding donor objectives in order to produce the appropriate illustrations.
  • Obtaining login credentials for PGM Anywhere.
  • Service contract matters such as billing, name changes, and adding and lapsing licenses.
Our Client Services Team

Samantha Akiha, Client Services Advisor

Jeffrey Frye, Associate Director for Gift Planning

Michael Heep, Client Services Advisor

Kara Morin, Director of Client Services

Jay Pacitti, Client Services Advisor

Jackie Robertson, Client Services Assistant

Jen Wickham, Senior Client Services Advisor

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What's New

PGM Desktop Updated 1/24/24

This release of Planned Giving Manager, PGM 7.7A includes:

  • The new ACGA schedule of suggested maximum gift annuity rates that will go into effect on January 1, 2024.
  • The indexed federal tax schedules for 2024.

PGM Anywhere, our web-based gift illustration software, was updated with these changes on 12/26/23.

Recent Developments

The ACGA Announced That It Would Be Increasing Its Suggested Maximum Annuity Rates, Effective January 1, 2024

On November 22, 2023, the ACGA informed its members that it would be increasing its suggested maximum annuity rates, effective January 1, 2024. The ACGA made its 2024 rates public on December 26. The ACGA’s decision to increase its suggested maximum gift annuity rates was triggered by the sharp rise in interest rates between May and November 2023. A net investment return assumption of 4.75% underlies the ACGA’s 2024 rates, an increase from 4.25%.

Read the PG Calc Blog Post with our analysis of the new ACGA rates.

PGM Anywhere Frequently Asked Questions

To log in to PGM Anywhere, go to:

We recommend you bookmark this URL for easy access.

To log in to PGM Anywhere, you will need your clientname, username and password.

Clientname is unique to your organization; username and password are unique to you. PGM Anywhere is licensed on a per-seat basis, meaning each user must have a unique login.

The Primary Administrator account is the only account at your organization that PG Calc can activate, deactivate, or unlock. All other user accounts at your organization must be created and maintained by the Primary Administrator or by another account that has the appropriate permissions. Contract your Primary Administrator or Client Services for assistance.

If you forget your password, please use the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the login screen to generate a temporary password.

The short answer is an unqualified YES.

PGM Anywhere has been designed with an inherently secure architecture and offers a multi-level approach to ensuring data security. Please request our security documentation for more information.

Planned Giving Manager (PGM) License and Service FAQ

Yes, a license is required for each user. Each assigned user may load the software on a desktop and a laptop computer for his/her own use.

Yes, licenses may be reassigned to different users by contacting Client Services. Licenses may not be reassigned to a different organization.

No, each PGM license also includes PGM Anywhere, the web-based version, at no additional cost.

The PGM License is a click-thru and the text can be viewed any time in PGM by clicking Help on the Menu Bar, Index, typing “License” in the Keyword field. 

The License Fee is a one-time fee and the Service Fee is renewable annually.

Our guarantee to:

  • keep the software current with all tax, regulatory and related changes that affect planned gift calculations and Charitable Gift Annuity agreements
  • software updates
  • unlimited telephone and email support
  • complimentary Orientations
  • a monthly eRate Newsletter
  • a quarterly Calc-U-Letter

How Can We Help?

If you have a technical question, we can help. If you have a question about our software, we can help. If you have a question about anything planned giving, we can help! Contact our Client Services team for help with PGM Anywhere.
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