The Power of Personalization

Get Personal With BatchCalcs

PG Calc’s BatchCalcs service gives fundraisers an automated way to make their planned giving mailings more effective by including personalized calculations in each prospect letter or e-mail. 

Our BatchCalcs service adds individual planned gift calculations for each person in a file of donor information in order to allow you to personalize a direct mail or e-mail solicitation.  Once the calculations have been added to your file, we can return it to you for fulfillment, or we can produce the solicitation for you. The gift information can be merged into your letters/e-mails, or provided on separate illustration pages.

Using a recipient’s personalized information helps them better understand the ins and outs of a planned gift. This leads to better awareness and increases your chances of receiving a gift.

Your recipients will receive extremely valuable information, like annual payment amount and the amount and duration of tax-free portion of gift annuity payments.


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BatchCalcs Features

  • BatchCalc's shows donors' personalized information.
  • Each letter shows target gift amounts.
  • Ideal for gift annuity mailings (print or electronic).
  • Send an Excel file of birth dates and we can add your choice of values.
  • Values include deduction, annuity amount, and tax-free portion.
  • We display annual payment or rate.
  • Each letter shows amount and duration of tax-free portion of payments.
  • Results can be based on individualized gift amounts or a single gift amount.
  • We can provide print-ready letters with BatchCalcs values merged in.
  • We can provide print-ready Summary of Benefits charts.

What BatchCalcs Deliverables Look Like

Receiving the benefits of BatchCalcs is easy. Just fill out and send us the data input form below. Click the images below to see samples of BatchCalcs deliverables, and to download the data input form.



Sample Letters



Summary of Benefits 


Client Data Form



What It's Like to Work With Us

We collaborate with you and your team to create personalized messages for your prospective donors. To get started, we discuss the goals and objectives of the mailing. We will create the copy and design and every piece is customized with your brand and mission.

We will need you to provide a spreadsheet of prospects with basic information such as name and birthdate. We will do all of the calculations for each prospect and generate the personalized files for you.

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