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How BatchCalcs Works

BatchCalcs allows you to personalize your mailings and emails to potential donors so they can see exactly how a planned gift would work for them.

Getting Started

Back for your annual – or semiannual, or monthly – BatchCalcs job? You’ll find what you need to get started here.

What You Provide:  

  • A data file with birthdates or ages and names (or unique IDs). You can also provide addresses and salutations if we will be handling the mail merge of your deliverables. You can use the same target gift amount for all records, or custom gift amounts for different records.
How We Add Value:
  • We add calculated values of your choosing to your date file, including charitable deduction, payment rate, tax-free portion of payments, and more.
  • We can provide printer-ready Summary of Benefits charts for each record.
  • We can merge the calculated values into your letter template and provide printer-ready letters for each record.
Next Steps
  • Complete the BatchCalcs Client Data Form (available below) with the details for your job.
  • We can send you an encrypted email to ensure a secure transfer of your data file. 
  • Our standard turnaround time is 5 business days. 
  • See below for pricing.
  • $500 for up to 500 records 
  • Each record above 500 is discounted to $0.25
  • Each record above 5,000 is discounted to $0.20 
  • Additional discounts for larger files   
  • Merged Summary of Benefits charts: available for no additional charge
  • Merged letters: $195/hour (typically takes 1 hour)

Get Started

Receiving the benefits of BatchCalcs is easy. Just fill out and send us the data input form below. Click the images below to see samples of BatchCalcs deliverables and to download the data input form.


Client Data Form



Sample Letters



Summary of Benefits 


How Can We Help?

If you have a technical question, we can help. If you have a question about our software, we can help. If you have a question about anything planned giving, we can help!
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