Consulting: Managing Your Program

Everything you need to manage and improve your program.
Whether you are just starting a planned giving program, or your program has been around for decades, we can help you increase your program's effectiveness.

Managing Your Program

PG Calc offers a full line of consulting services to build and grow your planned giving program. Our highly respected consulting staff will provide you with the guidance you need to be successful.
Planned Giving Program Launch

We create infrastructure for organizations that want to formalize their planned giving program.

Program Evaluation and Strategy

We optimize your planned giving program so that it performs up to its potential.

Qualified Appraisals

We provide qualified appraisals for donors who terminate their income interests.

Continuous Guidance and Support

Our consultants engage with you on an ongoing basis to guide you and improve your planned giving program.

How Can We Help You?

If you are interested in taking your planned giving program to the next level, we have the experience to guide you to your goal. We can help!
Jeff Lydenberg
Vice President, Consulting

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