Sub-Accounting of Individual Gifts for Accounting and Reporting

Process Transactions for You

We will process the necessary new gifts and withdrawal transactions for proper endowment sub-accounting. Of course we also allocate income, fees, expenses and more on a periodic basis.

Always Up to Date

We provide you with summary and detailed sub-account reports in any period desired, grouping sub-accounts for subtotaling purposes and endowment grand totals. We provide sufficient detail to allow a business officer to follow activity and allocations.

Donor Reports for Stewardship

The Donor Report is designed to give a detailed view of each sub-account for an endowment and can be easily branded and combined with an individualized letter sent to each donor annually.


Endowment Sub-Accounting Features

  • We provide unitization of new gifts.
  • We provided unitization of withdrawals.
  • We work with allocation of interest, dividends, fees, expenses, and gains/losses.
  • We send summary statements for each period.
  • We provide detailed sub-account reports and an audit footnote report.
  • You can rely on PG Calc's legendary customer service.

What It's Like to Work With Us

We start with your baseline unitization (or create one if needed) and then keep track of the individual values of the sub accounts. Send us your new accounts, withdrawals, additions, statements, and we do the rest. You can have reports made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Our services greatly reduce the time your organization spends on developing reports and gives you the peace of mind that they are accurate and clear.

What Our Clients Say


Children's Inn


"We have been using PG Calc for our fund accounting needs since Summer of 2020. They are always professional and willing to work with us to get the reports we need. If an unusual situation arises, they are proactive to check with us to determine how it should be handled in advance. They provide accurate reports earlier than promised, which is always a nice surprise. PG Calc is a "Yes we can" kind of company, very reasonably priced for the personal service they provide, and always respond to inquiries in a timely manner."

Jean Buergler
Senior Director of Finance
The Children's Inn at NIH

How Can We Help You

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