Consulting: Gift Annuities

Services focused specifically on the operation of your gift annuity program
Gift annuities are a simple way for donors to support your organization, but can be complex for the charity issuing them. We have answers for all your questions – quite literally, we wrote the book on CGAs!


Whether your concerns are with state compliance or underlying risk to your organization, let PG Calc help take the worry out of your gift annuity program.
Gift Annuity Annual Filing

Streamline the filing process and spend more time with donors.

Gift Annuity State Registration

Work with our experts to ensure compliance with state regulations that apply to your organization.

Gift Annuity Risk Assessment

Minimize your organization's risk and assure your CGA program's health and profitability. 

How Can We Help You?

We can get you set up, keep your program running smoothly, and address concerns that arise along the way.
Edie Matulka
Senior Consultant

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