Planned Giving Consulting


Let us be your partner
We can help you objectively evaluate your suitability for a planned giving and/or gift annuity program, help you run your planned giving program, and assess your program risk.

Managing Your Program

Planned Giving Program Launch

We create infrastructure for organizations that want to formalize their planned giving program.

Program Evaluation and Strategy

We optimize your planned giving program so that it performs up to its potential.

Continuous Guidance and Support

Our consultants engage with you on an ongoing basis to guide you and improve your planned giving program.

Qualified Appraisals

We provide qualified appraisals for donors who terminate their income interests.

Gift Annuities

Gift Annuity State Registration

Work with our experts to ensure compliance with state regulations that apply to your organization.

Gift Annuity Risk Assessment

Minimize your organization's risk and assure your CGA program's health and profitability. 

Gift Annuity Annual Filing

Streamline the filing process and spend more time with donors.

Gift Calculation Service

Need a gift annuity proposal or gift annuity agreement? We can do it for you!

How Can We Help You?

Whether you need to start a new program, optimize your existing program, or improve your marketing outreach, we can help.
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Vice President, Consulting

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