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The Client Services team provides assistance for PG Calc’s software clients.

Our Client Services Team

Samantha Akiha, Client Services Advisor

Jeffrey Frye, Associate Director for Gift Planning

Michael Heep, Client Services Advisor

Kara Morin, Director of Client Client Services

Jay Pacitti, Client Services Advisor

Jackie Robertson, Client Services Assistant

Jen Wickham, Senior Client Services Advisor

What's New

GiftWrap and Bequest Manager Updates 7/5/24

This GiftWrap and Bequest Manager release includes numerous improvements.

On July 5, we announced our latest release of GiftWrap and Bequest Manager. This release focused on fixes, small enhancements, upgrading of components, and overall usability.

New features include:

  • A new field has been added to Charity Setup allowing you to suppress “old” data in Verify.
  • QCD asset type is a new option under Assets allowing you to filter by gifts funded with QCD assets.
  • The time from prenote to EFT payment is now configurable. Previously, if a payment address had been prenoted, the prenote field was hardcoded requiring 11 days from the prenote date to the current date in order for an EFT payment to be produced.
  • Under Compute PIF Market Values, you may select multiple pooled income funds and compute the market values.

These enhancements and others are further detailed in the GiftWrap 4.3.7 and Bequest Manager 1.3.7 Release Notes. Look for the Latest Product Info link at the top of your screen within the application.

GiftWrap Support Topics

These brief topics will point you in the right direction, but clients are always welcome to contact Client Services for assistance at 888-474-2252 or Clients will also find detailed instructions in the GiftWrap HELP system.

1099-R deadlines are as follows:

January 31, 2022 - Paper forms to annuitants

February 28, 2022 - Paper forms to the IRS

March 31, 2022 - Electronic form to the IRS – required if more than 500 1099-Rs

1099-Rs are produced based on the data in the Tax Schedule in the Association Information screen, not the data in the Payment Schedule. GiftWrap can produce correct 1099-Rs even if the system is not used to produce payments:

  • Run Verify Person and Gift Data in the Utilities menu and correct any errors
  • Run Year End Update in the Actions menu to bring your Organization Year to 2022
  • In the 1099-R Forms interface, set Tax Year to 2021
  • Use PDF, not Report Viewer, as the Display Option

This issue arises because GiftWrap produces the 1099-R information in the precise size required to fit data into the little boxes on the pre-printed 1099-R forms, but many printers and some browsers automatically resize before printing.

You can identify the resizing issue because the data will typically print a little too low relative to the boxes on the top half of the 1099-R form and too high on the bottom half. The trick is to persuade your printer to print the GiftWrap data without alteration.

In the Print Dialog window, look for the setting that controls sizing. Printer drivers use different terms, but you want “Page Scaling” set to “None” or “Actual Size” or “100%”. In Chrome, there is a checkbox labeled “Fit to page” and this box must be Unchecked.

GiftWrap License and Service FAQ

No, GiftWrap and Bequest Manager licenses are concurrent. This means, for example, if your organization has two licenses, only two people can logon simultaneously but any number of individuals may have login credentials and can take turns using the software.

Yes, licenses may be reassigned to different users by contacting Client Services. Licenses may not be reassigned to a different organization.

The GiftWrap License is a click-thru agreement and the text can be viewed any time in GiftWrap or Bequest Manager by clicking Help on the Menu Bar, clicking Index, and typing “License” in the Keyword field. 

The License Fee is a one-time fee, and the Service Fee is renewable annually.

Our guarantee to:

  • Keep the software current with all tax, regulatory, and related changes that affect planned gifts, compliance and tax forms; software updates.
  • Unlimited telephone and email support.
  • Complimentary software orientations.
  • A monthly eRate eNewsletter.
  • A quarterly Calc-U-Letter.

First, try the Forgot Password link on the Login screen. PG Calc can provide your Clientname and Username if needed to help you use Forgot Password.

If Forgot Password doesn’t work:

  • If you are the “Primary Administrator”, call 888-474-2252.
  • If you are not the “Primary Administrator”, call the person in your organization that has that role.

PG Calc can only reset passwords for the Primary Administrator. We are not able to reset passwords for any other user.

How Can We Help?

If you have a technical question, we can help. If you have a question about our software, we can help. If you have a question about anything planned giving, we can help! Contact our Client Services team for help with GiftWrap.
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