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For over 35 years, PG Calc has helped charities and non-profits of all types and sizes achieve planned giving success. PG Calc offers a full suite of planned giving products and services for organizations seeking to start or expand a program, benefit from effective planned giving marketing, or successfully administer planned giving programs.

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We can help you reach and engage with prospective donors through a sophisticated blend of traditional and online marketing initiatives. We work with you to customize the ideal marketing approach for your audience, drawing from a range of available platforms.




Our experts will help you build upon your program’s strengths, identify and address weaknesses, minimize financial risks and maximize benefits. Whether your program is small or large, basic or sophisticated, we can help you enhance your efforts.




We can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to effectively present the benefits of a planned gift to your prospective donors, to create gift annuity agreements and gift calculations, and to help your donors understand what type of planned gift makes the most sense for them.




Ensure efficient and effective gift administration by outsourcing the work to PG Calc. By combining our decades of planned giving expertise with state-of-the-art tools like GiftWrap, we can fulfill all of your stewardship and compliance needs.



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For the past 26 years, PG Calc has continued to represent for me the gold standard for planned giving calculation software—staying up to date on the latest legislative changes and adapting their offerings nimbly in sync with the ever-changing nuances of the field. My relationship with the PG Calc support team has been helpful to me throughout my career, as I evolved from rookie to seasoned veteran, and always has something to teach me about creative ways to employ their various products for useful purposes."

Pete Congleton
Director of Planned Giving
Hartford Hospital

  • CoP Survey

    PG Calc Sponsors Chronicle of Philanthropy Survey on Marketing Tools & Techniques

    Seventy-five percent of non-profits communicate with donors through both traditional and digital media. The most successful non-profits are delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time, and through the right media. Is your organization finding an effective balance? 

    The Chronicle of Philanthropy has just published their findings from a wide-ranging survey on trends in planned giving marketing.  PG Calc is pleased to sponsor this survey, and we invite you to read this informative report and find out how other non-profits are achieving this balance.  Download your free report from the Chronicle's website to learn about media mixes that work.  

  • NEWS

    PG Calc Acquires Hemmenway & Reinhardt

    On November 15, 2018, PG Calc acquired Hemmenway & Reinhardt, a planned gift administration services company located in Swarthmore, PA. Founded in 1987, Hemmenway & Reinhardt administers gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and pooled income funds for charities throughout the U.S. Hemmenway & Reinhardt also assists charities with their annual state gift annuity filings. PG Calc’s acquisition of Hemmenway & Reinhardt represents the combination of two organizations that have been in the gift administration business for over 30 years, each taking similar paths to achieve excellence in gift administration. PG Calc welcomes Hemmenway & Reinhardt’s clients, and we look forward to providing them with the stellar service we provide to all of our gift administration clients.



    QCDs Beyond FAQs: A Deeper Look at the Charitable IRA Rollover

    Qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from IRAs have taken off since their enabling legislation became permanent at the end of 2015. Also known as charitable IRA rollovers, the growth of these gifts highlights an increased familiarity with the general concept. Yet, as with many plans that seem simple and straightforward, with QCDs the devil is in the details.

    This webinar will touch on commonly known aspects of QCDs, why they appeal to donors, and approaches to take in marketing. It will then delve into important details of helping donors complete QCD gifts, traps gift planners and donors should avoid, and any new legislative developments.

    Webinar Details

    DATE: July 30, 2020

    TIME: 1:00 PM (EST)

    SPEAKER: Edie Matulka, Senior Consultant, PG Calc


    PGM Anywhere Updated 9/15/20

    PGM Anywhere has been updated again on September 15, 2020 with many more features!

    • Expanded term options: up to ten lives and any combination of lives and a fixed term
    • “Other” IRS discount rate – handy for FASB calculations among other uses
    • CRUTs and CLUTs: All whole months from annual valuation date to first payment date allowed
    • CGAs: Up to twelve whole months from gift date to date of first payment allowed
    • Security enhancements, other enhancements and bug fixes
    PGM Anywhere and PGM Updated with New ACGA Rates

    PG Calc is pleased to announce the release of Planned Giving Manager (PGM) version 7.5D, our desktop gift planning software, and an update of PGM Anywhere, our online version of PGM. These updates include the new ACGA schedule of suggested maximum gift annuity rates that will go into effect on July 1, 2020. Read our analysis of the new ACGA rates here.  PGM Anywhere has been updated again on September 15, 2020 with many more features too!

    GiftWrap 4.3.0 and Bequest Manager 1.19 Released

    On May 29, 2020, PG Calc announced the latest release of GiftWrap and Bequest Manager, PG Calc's industry-leading planned gift administration platforms.  GiftWrap 4.3.0 and Bequest Manager 1.19 contain a variety of enhancements that further increase the value and utility of PG Calc’s suite of gift administration software.

    This release focuses on expanded capabilities in the areas of flexible DGA management, reserve calculations, payments, and overall usability. New features include:

    • a Flexible DGA Assistant facilitating the management and election of flexible DGA payments
    • a Flexible DGA Reset feature that sets the first payment date and payout percentage to the nearest future date for flexible DGAs where a payment date has not yet been elected
    • the ability to store reserve rates and apply those rates quarterly where required by state statute
    • the ability to apply a stop payment on a batch of payments via the Payment Snapshots screen
    • a new Distribution Date field for non-bequest gifts for recording the date the remainder was distributed to the organization

    This release also includes a variety of bug fixes, enhancing the stability and reliability of the GiftWrap and Bequest Manager applications.

    For more information, call PG Calc Client Services toll free at 888-474-2252.  Learn more about GiftWrap/Bequest Manager.

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