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Since 1985, PG Calc has helped charities and non-profits of all types and sizes achieve planned giving success. PG Calc offers a full suite of planned giving products and services for organizations seeking to start or expand a program, benefit from effective planned giving marketing, or successfully administer planned giving programs.

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Marketing Services

We can help you reach and engage with prospective donors through a sophisticated blend of traditional and online marketing initiatives. We work with you to customize the ideal marketing approach for your audience, drawing for a range of available platforms.

Improve your planned giving program


Our experts will help you build upon your program's strengths, identify and address weaknesses, minimize financial risks and maximize benefits. Wheather your program is small or large, basic or sophisticated, we can help you enhance your efforts.

Get more gifts

Gift Illustrations

We can provide you with tools and expertise you need to effectively present the benefits of a planned gift to your prospective donors, to create gift annuity agreements and gift calculations, and to help your donor understand what type of planned gift makes most of sense for them.

Steward donors and be in compliance

Gift Administration

Ensure efficient and effective gift administration by outsourcing the work to PG Calc. By combining our decades of planned giving expertise with state-of-the-art tools like GiftWrap, we can fulfill all of your stewardship and compliance needs.

What's New

PGMA Cover Image
June 2, 2023

PGM Anywhere Updated 6/1/23

This release of PGM Anywhere includes:

  • Expanded messaging to provide guidance when illustrating a charitable gift annuity funded with a qualified charitable distribution (QCD). 
  • Enhanced presentation content when illustrating a charitable gift annuity funded with a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).
Your Life Income Donor Has Died . . . What's Next?
Free Guide
May 24, 2023

Your Life Income Donor Has Died . . . What's Next?

You just learned your gift annuity donor, charitable remainder trust beneficiary, or pooled income fund participant passed away a year ago, and you have two uncashed checks on the books. Clearly losing a loyal donor is a loss to your organization, but their planned gift in support of your mission is also their legacy. This step-by-step guide will walk you through five of the most important considerations to help your organization realize your donor’s gift.

PG Calc Featured Article
May 15, 2023

“Please, Sir, I Want Some More” - The Plight of Orphan DAFs

What happens when there is money left in a donor-advised fund after the last donor-advisor has died? Where does that money go? Who decides how the money is used? Like a street urchin in a Charles Dickens novel, an “orphan donor-advised fund” can sometimes achieve great expectations or, sadly, pass invisibly without much impact.

June 2023 eRate image
May 15, 2023

June IRS Discount Rate: 4.2%

In this month's eRate newsletter:

  • Featured Article: “Please, Sir, I Want Some More” - The Plight of Orphan DAFs
  • From the Blog: When Your Donor Should Consider a QCD for a CGA , and Trust Matters: Life Income Gifts and Revocable Living Trusts
  • IRS Affirms PG Calc Deduction Calculation Method
  • Legal Tender Status of Bitcoin
May 10, 2023

Endowment Sub-Accounting – What Could Go Wrong?

Endowments are critical to the financial success of your organization. Is your endowment sub-accounting process flight-ready? Or will it burn up on re-entry?

Read Gary Pforzheimer's latest white paper: Endowment Sub-Accounting - What Could Go Wrong? to see how you can avoid critical sub-accounting mistakes and ensure the financial stability of your endowment program.

PG Calc Blog Post
May 15, 2023

Trust Matters: Life Income Gifts and Revocable Living Trusts

In our work with planned giving professionals, we receive questions about donors using trusts in conjunction with life-income gift arrangements. Can charitable gift annuity (CGA) payments be issued to trusts rather than directly to the annuitants or trust beneficiaries? Can a trust be the donor or grantor of a gift annuity or CRT?

Software Training
Jun 6, 2023

PGM to PGM Anywhere - FREE (Online)

This complimentary class is for experienced PGM clients familiar with the desktop software who are making the transition to the new PGM Anywhere web-based version.  The class covers the differences between the two systems, and will show the experienced gift planner how to use PGM Anywhere. Register now to learn more!

Software Training
June 13 - June 14

Planned Giving by the Numbers (ONLINE 6 hours over 2 days)

Build your confidence as a gift planning professional by strengthening your understanding of numbers you work with every day! This class will enable you to answer some of the toughest prospect and advisor questions.

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