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Since 1985, PG Calc has helped charities and non-profits of all types and sizes achieve planned giving success. PG Calc offers a full suite of planned giving products and services for organizations seeking to start or expand a program, benefit from effective planned giving marketing, or successfully administer planned giving programs.

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Marketing Services

We can help you reach and engage with prospective donors through a sophisticated blend of traditional and online marketing initiatives. We work with you to customize the ideal marketing approach for your audience, drawing for a range of available platforms.

Improve your planned giving program


Our experts will help you build upon your program's strengths, identify and address weaknesses, minimize financial risks and maximize benefits. Wheather your program is small or large, basic or sophisticated, we can help you enhance your efforts.

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Gift Illustrations

We can provide you with tools and expertise you need to effectively present the benefits of a planned gift to your prospective donors, to create gift annuity agreements and gift calculations, and to help your donor understand what type of planned gift makes most of sense for them.

Steward donors and be in compliance

Gift Administration

Ensure efficient and effective gift administration by outsourcing the work to PG Calc. By combining our decades of planned giving expertise with state-of-the-art tools like GiftWrap, we can fulfill all of your stewardship and compliance needs.

What's New

Endowment Accounting Case Studies
June 20, 2024

Multiplying the Benefits of Endowment Sub-Accounting – Mini Case Studies

Multilevel sub-accounting is critical for organizations that want to combine gifts in their endowments for investment purposes but maintain detailed records of individual gifts or funds for accounting and donor reporting purposes.

When it comes to understanding the impact endowment sub-accounting can have on a charity, seeing is believing. Our clients share the real-world challenges they faced and how they overcame them in these mini case studies. Read these mini case studies to see how the sum can be greater than its parts:

PG Calc eRate newsletter Jul2024
June 18, 2024

July IRS Discount Rate: 5.4%

In this month's eRate newsletter:

  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: It’s FASB Requirements Season for Many
  • From the Blog: BDQ #9 – Why Does the IRS Always Miss My Birthday?
  • Things We Are Following: CRAT Scheme Makes IRS “Dirty Dozen” List
  • FASB Liability Calculations – PG Calc’s Got You Covered!
  • Gifts from Inherited IRAs
money down the drain
Featured Article
June 14, 2024

Whose Money Is It Anyway? Dealing with Unclaimed Payments for Missing Persons

We get a lot of calls from clients regarding how to handle unclaimed payments related to life income gifts. What is the right way to manage the payments that are due to people whose whereabouts are unknown? And how long is a charity – or an agent thereof – supposed to hold those funds before state laws dictate specific actions under abandoned property laws? We will go over those issues in this article.

Johni Hays
PG Calc Webinar
June 27, 2024

Calming Troubled Waters: Getting IRA Death Proceeds in a Timely Manner

Has your nonprofit bumped into roadblocks while attempting to receive IRA death proceeds from a donor? Have IRA administrators delayed the death claim process by requesting more and more forms? Led by the efforts of Johni Hays and a few others, we are making progress toward simplifying the process. Join us to learn the latest on how your nonprofit can get its IRA death proceeds faster and without providing unnecessary personal information.

PG Calc Blog Post
June 12, 2024

From the Blog: Why Does the IRS Always Miss My Birthday?

Have you ever had this happen? While preparing the final calculations for your donor, the numbers turn out just a little differently than those you provided in a preliminary illustration. Why? After all, numbers don’t lie. Right?

The discrepancy is probably due to the difference between “actuarial age” and actual age, or it could be the historic life expectancy assumptions used for planned gift calculations. 

PG Calc Knowledge Base
June 17, 2024

Gifts from Inherited IRAs

A donor who inherits an IRA also inherits the ability to use the IRA to make qualified charitable distributions (QCDs), along with the limitations of this gift type. 

To make a QCD contribution to charity, the beneficiary of the inherited IRA must be at least age 70 ½ at the time of the QCD. The age of the IRA’s original owner is not relevant, nor is the inheritor’s age at the time of the decedent’s death. The age that matters is that of the donor at the time they make the g

Free Guide
May 30, 2024

Planned Giving Terms Crossword

Many new gift officers get confused by the acronyms and technical jargon used in the planned giving world. Last month we provided our Alphabet Soup of Planned Giving to help break down the initials, terms, and definitions most commonly used in planned giving.

Now it’s time to test your planned giving knowledge. Download PG Calc’s Planned Giving Crossword and see how your technical expertise stacks up!

Free Guide

The Four Key Reasons to Invest in Your Planned Giving Program

Offered through our partnership with the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Craig Wruck's guide to investing in planned giving dispels common misconceptions and provides insights into crafting a successful planned giving program. While sustained giving requires a persistent effort over the long term and may seem less immediately rewarding compared to annual giving or event fundraising, the payoff is substantial. Statistics demonstrate that planned giving often yields greater returns than other fundraising methods at far lower costs.

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