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Since 1985, PG Calc has helped charities and non-profits of all types and sizes achieve planned giving success. PG Calc offers a full suite of planned giving products and services for organizations seeking to start or expand a program, benefit from effective planned giving marketing, or successfully administer planned giving programs.

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We are pleased to announce that PG Calc is now the planned giving division of Foundation Source, the leading provider of enterprise-caliber and technology-led charitable giving solutions. Together we offer a range of purpose-built, cloud-based platforms and philanthropic services that facilitate all stages of giving for donors, nonprofits, professional advisors, and financial institutions. Today we collectively support more than 4,000 charitable organizations, administer more than $22 billion in foundation assets, and facilitate more than 120,000 grants and planned gifts annually. Learn more.

The same team of planned giving experts you’ve relied on for nearly 40 years is here as we always have been, ready to help you make the most of your planned giving program and answer your planned giving questions. You can continue to use the same phone numbers, email addresses, and logins you’ve always used.

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Marketing Services

We can help you reach and engage with prospective donors through a sophisticated blend of traditional and online marketing initiatives. We work with you to customize the ideal marketing approach for your audience, drawing for a range of available platforms.

Improve your planned giving program


Our experts will help you build upon your program's strengths, identify and address weaknesses, minimize financial risks and maximize benefits. Wheather your program is small or large, basic or sophisticated, we can help you enhance your efforts.

Get more gifts

Gift Illustrations

We can provide you with tools and expertise you need to effectively present the benefits of a planned gift to your prospective donors, to create gift annuity agreements and gift calculations, and to help your donor understand what type of planned gift makes most of sense for them.

Steward donors and be in compliance

Gift Administration

Ensure efficient and effective gift administration by outsourcing the work to PG Calc. By combining our decades of planned giving expertise with state-of-the-art tools like GiftWrap, we can fulfill all of your stewardship and compliance needs.

What's New

PG Calc eRate Newsletter Jun2024
May 15, 2024

June IRS Discount Rate: 5.6%

In this month's eRate newsletter:

  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: An Amazing Report to Estimate Charitable Remainders
  • From the Blog: BDQ #8 – What Is a Donor Advised Fund?
  • Things We Are Following:
    • IRS and Department of Treasury Held Public Hearing on Proposed DAF Regulations
    • CGA State Compliance Was a Key Theme at the ACGA Conference
  • ACGA Rates Will Not Change
flexible - portrait - image by oksana-taran-unsplash
Featured Article
May 15, 2024

A “License to Give” – Flexible Gift Annuities For Baby Boomers

Approximately 10,000 American baby boomers will turn 65 today. And tomorrow. And every day after that until 2030, when all baby boomers will be over the age of 65. This “gray tsunami” is predicted to set new firsts, including in the area of longevity. While longevity is on their side, the “longevity threat,” defined as outliving your retirement income, is not. This is where a flexible deferred gift annuity (FGA) can step in to assist both the donor AND the charity with long-term planning.

Blue bus with "DAF" on the grill - image by Lucas Van Oort - Unsplash
PG Calc Blog Post
May 13, 2024

BDQ #8: What Is a DAF? (Hint: ‘D’ Stands for Donor)

Donor advised funds (DAFs) have certainly had their share of headlines recently. Proposed regulations seemed designed to limit investment options and impose excise taxes. Then an extended comment period and a public hearing fueled speculation that this could spell the end of the fastest growing segment of American Philanthropy – or maybe just level the playing field for private foundations by limiting some of the advantages of DAFs. With all the noise, it’s been easy to lose sight of one the most important players in the DAF story, namely, the donor. 

Into the great beyond: Ongoing CGA Compliance Beyond Annual Filings - Free Guide
Free Guide
May 14, 2024

Into the Great Beyond: Ongoing CGA Compliance Outside of Annual Filings

Ongoing compliance with the state agencies that regulate issuance of gift annuities involves timely submission of the requisite annual filing, whether it be a report on the segregated reserve fund or other specific documentation for annual renewal. However, in addition to the annual filing submissions themselves, there are a number of ongoing issues a charity should monitor. Download our guide with the other compliance items to monitor and the actions you need to take…

PG Calc FREE Webinar
May 30, 2024

Gift Annuity Regulations and Compliance – Q&A Webinar (FREE)

Just starting to consider registering in states to issue gift annuities, or perhaps revisiting it as a recurring topic? Puzzling over a particular CGA annual filing requirement? Trying to make sense of the registration picture after moving to a new organization? Get all your charitable gift annuity state registration and annual filing questions answered for free by PG Calc experts Edie Matulka, Senior Consultant, and Julie Goldenberg Hay, Consultant, during this hour-long webinar. Think of this as your CGA therapy hour!

Updated Guide

Updated Gift Annuity Annual Filing Timeline Template

Keeping your CGA program in compliance with state regulations can be difficult at the best of times. With so many forms to fill out and so much information to compile, deadlines can quickly overwhelm you if you're not careful. 

To help you stay organized, we have updated our Gift Annuity Annual Filing Timeline Template that groups key state deadlines by month due.

Software Training
Jun 12-13, 2024

Planned Giving by the Numbers (ONLINE 6 hours over 2 days)

Build your confidence as a gift planning professional by strengthening your understanding of numbers you work with every day! This class will enable you to answer some of the toughest prospect and advisor questions. This course is designed for experienced gift planners and professional advisors who wish to deepen their understanding of the charitable deduction, gift annuity taxation, and other technical aspects of common planned gift calculations. A basic understanding of standard gift planning vehicles is assumed.

Free Guide
Apr 30, 2024

The Four Key Reasons to Invest in Your Planned Giving Program

Offered through our partnership with the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Craig Wruck's guide to investing in planned giving dispels common misconceptions and provides insights into crafting a successful planned giving program. While sustained giving requires a persistent effort over the long term and may seem less immediately rewarding compared to annual giving or event fundraising, the payoff is substantial. Statistics demonstrate that planned giving often yields greater returns than other fundraising methods at far lower costs.

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