Charitable Gift Annuities: The Complete Resource Manual

The industry standard reference on gift annuities.

Charitable Gift Annuities: The Complete Resource Manual (CGA Manual) is the authoritative book on gift annuities.

The Authoritative Reference on Gift Annuities.


About This Book

Frank Minton, Ph.D., the principal author of the Charitable Gift Annuities: The Complete Resource Manual, has long been recognized as the country’s leading gift annuity expert.

First published over two decades ago, the CGA Manual is now a must-have reference for organizations and advisors who deal with gift annuities.

Whether your organization has been issuing annuities for years or is just getting started, consider the CGA Manual your guide to a first-rate gift annuity program. 



Available in Print or Online

This comprehensive work, updated regularly, is available in two convenient formats:

  • Print Edition: 11 ½ “x 12” binder, 700+ pages with prototype documents
  • Searchable Electronic Edition: Includes CGA Manual content and prototype documents

The electronic edition puts the CGA Manual’s wealth of practical information right on your desktop. The topics you want to learn more about are just an index click or keyword search away.


Download a PDF of the Table of Contents or buy the manual.

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The CGA Manual is organized in five sections:


  • Gift Annuities Overview
  • Program Operation
  • State Regulations
  • Marketing
  • Applications


It also features prototype materials you can customize for use with your donors, including:


  • Gift annuity agreements and worksheets
  • Disclosure statements
  • Tax information forms
  • Letter templates
  • State annual filing forms




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