Program Evaluation and Strategy

A roadmap for reaching planned giving program potential.

Even a seasoned traveler can benefit from some direction.  We will evaluate your planned giving program and calibrate its performance, so you can close the most gifts possible.

Optimize Your Program for Results

Running a successful planned giving program is challenging. If your planned giving program is not meeting its potential, we can help. Together, we can improve your program by helping you optimize your resource utilization, improve practices, establish effective metrics, find qualified prospects, and close more gifts.



We will review relevant figures and documents, interview staff members, and provide a full assessment of your program. This review will identify key areas that can be enhanced, resulting in a program that is more productive and more successful.



As part of the evaluation, we will provide concrete strategies and recommendations for improving your program. These strategies focus on optimizing the allocation of your resources, creating engaging marketing campaigns, educating staff, improving plans and procedures, and identifying program potential.



While the strategy we develop will provide a framework for improving your program, we know that your success also will depend on effective implementation. Whether your planned giving program is mature, encompassing all gift types, or consists mainly of bequest and bequest-like gifts, PG Calc will be there to help you put our recommendations into action.

Program Evaluation Features

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Defining Pipeline and Capacity
  • Building Planned Giving Portfolios
  • Prospecting and Closing Gifts
  • Staffing, Training, and Board Involvement
  • Marketing and Stewardship
  • Benchmarking and Metrics
  • Counting and Recognition
  • Gift Administration
  • Projections of Future Income
  • Evaluation of Threats and Opportunities
  • Readiness for Bequest Legacy Challenge



What it's Like to Work With Us

We take a comprehensive approach to reviewing your program, and use our findings to inform the steps you can take to make your program more effective and close more gifts. Our team immerses itself in your operations. Through a combination of data, interviews, and observation, we gather what we need to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your program.


Interview and Review

We’ll spend time talking with you and your staff. We’ll assess the performance of your program to identify potential areas of improvement.

Analyze Constituents

We'll take a look at your donor base, as its composition goes a long way in determining the best way to structure your program, forecast your pipeline, and identify your program’s overall potential.

Recommend and Plan

Together we’ll come up with a plan that you can implement regardless of how your organization is structured. Recommendations will focus on effective use of your resources to improve your planned giving program results.



How Can We Help You?

If your organization is actively seeking planned gifts – or wants to be - we can analyze and evaluate your program. When implemented, our recommendations will maximize your program performance, and improve overall results.
Jeff Lydenberg
Vice President, Consulting

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