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At PG Calc, there’s nothing we take more seriously than responding quickly and effectively to anyone who comes to us for planned giving assistance. It’s both a point of pride for us and a service our customers highly value.


We invite you to contact us any time we can be of help.

Sales & Marketing: 888-497-4970 —
Client Services: 888-474-2252 —
Gift Administration: 888-497-4990 —
Training: 888-474-2252 —

Massachusetts Headquarters

129 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-497-4970
Fax: 617-497-4974

Directions to the Massachusetts headquarters

Pennsylvania Office

4 Park Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081
Phone: 610-544-4545
Fax: 610-544-4717

Directions to the Pennsylvania office



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PG Calc's client services staff is the most respected in the industry. If you have a question about anything planned giving, call us!
Gary Pforzheimer

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