Direct Mail

Constant cultivation is your key to success.

Build awareness with custom planned giving direct mail that includes mission and branding. We spend the extra time to make each piece eye-catching and relevant. Let us do the work while you spend your time with donors.

Direct and To The Point

Direct mail still works. Older donors are prime candidates for direct mail, since they tend to stay at the same address for many years and they enjoy reading their mail. But direct mail also works with younger donors today who are constantly inundated with email, spam and social media messages. This makes direct mail stand out as something different. That's where we come in.



Each newsletter has a distinct theme focused around a donor story. The gift story is paired with relevant planned giving articles. This focus allows for increased understanding and comprehension. Each newsletter is customized to the look and feel of the charity, and design best practices are applied to achieve your objectives. We create the design, layout, and content made to order in your brand.



We start our custom postcards with each charity's style, brand and imagery, and then mix in tailored planned giving messaging and mission copy. Lastly, we always include a custom call to action for each charity. Canned marketing does not work. All our postcards are made to order.



Our custom self-mailers use the same process as our postcards. The difference is that we have some extra room for messaging and mission as well as a reply card. Canned marketing does not work. All our self-mailers are made to order. Feel free to be creative.

 Direct Mail Features

  • Custom Design
  • Fresh Content
  • Ready To Print Files
  • Visual Impact
  • Awareness Building
  • Never Canned




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Our Work - Direct Mail

Newsletter w/Reply

Self-Mailer w/Reply






What It's Like to Work With Us

We collaborate with you and your team to create a custom direct mail piece that best achieves your marketing objectives. 




To get started, we discuss the strategic goals and objectives of the email campaign. This includes format, theme and scheduling.

Design and Review

We’ll create the design, layout, and content, including relevant landing pages and call to action. Then, you step in for review and any necessary revision.

Print Ready Files

After your final approval, we will deliver the press quality files for you to provide your printer. It’s a hassle-free experience.



How Can We Help You?

If you need help attracting new donors and keeping current donors engaged, contact us.
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