Endowment Sub-Accounting

Sub-Accounting solutions for endowments, planned giving, and pooled income funds

Multilevel sub-accounting is critical for organizations that want to combine gifts in their endowments for investment purposes, but must maintain detailed records of individual gifts for accounting and donor reporting purposes.

Sub-Accounting of Individual Gifts for Accounting and Reporting

Multilevel sub-accounting is critical for organizations that want to combine gifts for investment purposes.


Process Transactions for You

We will process the necessary new gifts and withdrawal transactions for proper endowment sub-accounting.   Of course we also allocate income, fees, expenses and more on a periodic basis.


Always Up to Date

We provide you with summary and a detailed sub-account reports annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. The statements can be given to donors and used as a sub-schedule for your balance sheet.

  Endowment Sub-Accounting Features

  • Unitization of New Gifts
  • Unitization of Withdrawals
  • Allocation of Interest and Dividends
  • Computation of Deductible Amounts
  • Provided Summary Statements Each Period
  • Provided Detailed Sub-Account Reports Annually





What It's Like to Work With Us


Outsourcing endowment sub-accounting is easy.  We start with your baseline unitization (or create one if needed) and then keep track of the individual values of the sub accounts. Send us your new accounts, withdrawals, additions, statements, and we do the rest.  You can have reports made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


How Can We Help You

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