Endowment Sub-Accounting

Outsourced sub-accounting service for non-profit endowments.

Multilevel sub-accounting is critical for organizations that want to combine gifts in their endowments for investment purposes, but must maintain detailed records of individual gifts for accounting and donor reporting purposes.

Sub-Accounting of Individual Gifts for Accounting and Reporting

Multilevel sub-accounting is critical for organizations that want to combine gifts to their endowment for investment purposes.


Process Transactions for You

We will process the necessary new gifts and withdrawal transactions for proper endowment sub-accounting. Of course we also allocate income, fees, expenses and more on a periodic basis.


Always Up to Date

We provide you with summary and detailed sub-account reports in any period desired, grouping sub-accounts for subtotaling purposes and endowment grand totals. We provide sufficient detail to allow a business officer to follow activity and allocations.


Donor Reports for Stewardship

The Donor Report is designed to give a detailed view of each sub-account for an endowment and can be easily branded and combined with an individualized letter sent to each donor annually.

  Endowment Sub-Accounting Features

  • Unitization of New Gifts
  • Unitization of Withdrawals
  • Allocation of Interest, Dividends, Fees, Expenses, and Gains/Losses
  • Summary Statements for Each Period
  • Detailed Sub-Account Reports
  • Legendary Customer Service





What It's Like to Work With Us


Outsourcing endowment sub-accounting is easy.  We start with your baseline unitization (or create one if needed) and then keep track of the individual values of the sub accounts. Send us your new accounts, withdrawals, additions, statements, and we do the rest.  You can have reports made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Some of the features of endowment sub-accounting services include unitization of new gifts and withdrawals, allocation of interest, dividends, fees, expenses, and gains/losses, and summary statements for each period. We can also provide you with summary reports, donor reports, changes in endowment net assets, and transaction import files. Our services greatly reduce the time your organization spends on developing reports and gives you the peace of mind that they are accurate and clear.


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