PGM Anywhere's Designer Proposals

Create a beautiful and personalized proposal for every planned gift prospect

The Designer Proposals module enables you to create compelling gift proposals that will help you close more planned gifts



Gift Proposals That Appeal to Your Donor's Head and Heart

Your donors make planned gifts because they care about your organization.  While tax and other financial benefits are important, a donor won't make a gift without having an emotional connection to your cause.  Make that connection with professional-quality gift proposals from PGM Anywhere's Designer Proposals module.  Designer proposals combine the visual impact of a brochure with personalized gift calculations and text.  The result is a gift proposal that appeals equally to your donor's head and heart.  





Designer Proposals That Persuade

A PGM Anywhere designer proposal combines personalized gift calculations with custom photos and text that reflect your prospect's interests and your organization's brand and mission.  With a PGM Anywhere designer proposals, you can:

  • Include images that resonate with your donor
  • Insert copy describing how your donor can have a positive impact on your mission
  • Explain the gift plan and why it might be right for your prospect 
  • Present a personalized gift illustration 
  • Apply your brand and personalize your organization for donors


An Optional Module of PGM Anywhere

Designer Proposals is an optional module of PGM Anywhere, PG Calc's online software for illustrating planned gifts that is available free to all Planned Giving Manager (PGM) clients.  With this optional PGM Anywhere module, you can print, view, or email designer proposals on any device:

  • Already have PGM Anywhere and a PG Calc planned giving website? Get the Designer Proposals module for free!
  • Purchase the Designer Proposals module with PGM Anywhere 
  • Produce one, two, or four-page proposals
  • Rely on the expert staff of PG Calc to get you up and running quickly


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